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Water Analysis

IMEX utilizes advanced instrumentation to provide comprehensive water analysis for industrial facilities, water utility plants, hotels, hospitals, farms and homes. We work with customers across these industries where we conduct routine sampling and analysis for compliance with the Guyana Environmental Protection Agency and other international environmental agencies.

We test a wide range of water sources including, but not limited to:

Drinking Water

Ground Water

Potable Water

Surface (Fresh Water)

Process Water


Soil Analysis

Our laboratory employs new technologies and methodologies to analyse soil samples for oil and grease and total petroleum hydrocarbons. Our capabilities are well suited for companies who require routine soil analysis and for these analytes, or bulk petroleum terminal decommissioning.


Sample Collection

Our field personnel can perform sample collection and transport customer-collected samples to our lab. We also provide customer with containers for sample collection and storage. 

Equipment Calibration

We calibrate laboratory and gas monitoring devices such as pH meters, thermometers, multi-gas meters using NIST traceable and reference reagents.

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